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    Corel Draw, Microsoft Access , Html , CSS , Publisher , Oracle etc and Many other Special Packages

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    helps us get Success!

    Make knowledge acquisition your dream and it will help you to fulfill your dream.

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We train you to compete and excel in the outside world

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Our certification is highly recognised in Nigeria and Africaa

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Our students are always satisfied with their ability to compete in the outside world

About Computer School

The Computer School Our Lady of Lourdes Complex was established in the year 2003 by the former principal of school of nursing Ihiala, Rev. Sr. M. laurette Madu. It came as a result of mandate of the nursing and midwifery council of Nigeria to establish an ICT unit for student of her complex. On 24th September 2012 it was inaugurated as the complex ICT unit. Which was solely confirmed and approved by the formal CEO/MD of  the complex Very Rv. Fr. Peter Uzochukwu(PhD) as the IT umbrella of Nursing school, Midwifery,Medical Laboratory and the Hospital at large. The establishment of the school was as the result of the societal need for computer knowledge and literacy by both the staff and students of the school. But the complex open doors to the public when the school authority saw that the school would be an avenue for impacting this skills on the youths, thereby promoting youths empowerment and growth since we are now into era of information technology with such knowledge one has already establish a solid avenue for self sustenance.


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